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What Do Farm Corn Combine Harvesters Need To Be Aware Of In The Heat

Date:2023-09-06     Label:

Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Farm Corn Combine Harvesters

Farm corn combine harvester operators should be mindful of several important factors when working in hot weather:

Engine Cooling: Ensure the harvester's engine remains adequately cooled to prevent overheating and potential engine damage. Clean radiators and cooling components regularly.

Maintenance: Conduct routine maintenance checks to identify and address any issues that may arise due to increased stress on the machine in hot conditions.

Operator Comfort: Provide operators with proper ventilation and cooling mechanisms in the cab to prevent heat-related discomfort and fatigue.

Hydration and Sun Protection: Emphasize the importance of staying hydrated and wearing sun protection, including hats and sunscreen, to prevent heat-related illnesses among operators.

Crop Quality: High temperatures can affect corn quality, causing kernels to dry out or become brittle. Adjust the combine's settings to minimize crop damage and maximize harvesting efficiency.

Dust Control: Dust levels can increase in dry, hot conditions. Implement dust control measures to improve visibility and maintain a clean working environment.

Reduced Speed: Consider reducing harvesting speed to prevent equipment strain and potential breakdowns, especially in extreme heat.

By paying attention to these considerations, farm corn combine harvester operators can ensure both the machine's performance and the well-being of their operators during hot weather harvests.



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