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Do You Know The Operation Method Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Start the ridging film mulching machine operation, align the unit with the operation position, pull down the film from the film roller, press the film head with soil, turn on the liquid medicine switch, and start the operation.

The adjustment of ridging film mulching machine sowing depth, row spacing, plant spacing, spraying amount and fertilizer application amount can get the appropriate sowing row spacing by adjusting the height and horizontal position of the slotting shovel relative to the frame; changing the chain wheel to change the transmission ratio (replacing different metering wheels for some models) can get the appropriate plant spacing; changing the valve opening to achieve the required fertilizer application amount; adjusting the working length of the fertilizer discharge wheel to achieve the required fertilizer application amount.

The adjustment of ridging film mulching machine shape can change the depth of plough, adjust the appropriate height of ridge, increase the depth of plough, increase the height of ridge, otherwise decrease.

The adjustment of the film laying part can adjust the horizontal tension of the film by changing the height and angle of the film spreading wheel. Lower the unfolding wheel and increase the inclination angle of the front side of the unfolding wheel to enhance the degree of tension, otherwise relax; change the locking degree of the film roll to adjust the degree of longitudinal tension, and the locking bolt will increase the longitudinal tension, otherwise weaken.

The amount of soil cover can be adjusted by changing the depth and angle of the disc. Increase the depth and the angle between the disc and the direction of advance, increase the amount of soil cover, otherwise decrease.

Precautions: the starting and landing ridging film mulching machine shall be slow, the forward speed shall be uniform, no turning and back shall be allowed during operation, the working condition of each part shall be checked at any time, and any abnormality shall be handled in time

Do You Know The Operation Method Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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