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Introduction Of Multifunctional Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Fertilizer, sowing, spraying and film covering machine, peanut planting and ridging film mulching machine with walking tractor. With its compact, reasonable and full-featured structure, the machine completes the agricultural technology of ridging film mulching machine, sowing, soil covering, spraying, film spreading, film pressing and soil building on film in peanut mulching planting at one time

Peanut mulching sowing mechanization technology is a mature agricultural mechanization technology, which is popular among farmers, but how to implement it safely and effectively is a great knowledge. Now I will show you how to use peanut mulching seeder for reference.

1. Preparation before ridging film mulching machine operation: connect the whole machine with small four-wheel tractor (generally 8.8-1.32kw small four-wheel tractor) by three-point suspension, and connect the air pipe of the cartridge with the air pump of the tractor. Check and adjust the lubrication, fastening and rotation of all parts.

2. Add seeds according to the requirements of the seed metering device, add appropriate seeds. The seeds with too large and too small size shall be picked out. When seed dressing agent is needed, pour the seeds on a 1-meter square plastic film, pour the original solution of seed dressing agent, shake the two sides evenly, air for 1 hour, check that there is no foreign matter in the seed box, and add seeds. When a new variety is replaced, the seed metering device can be pulled open, the remaining seeds can be poured out and added again.

3. Add and replace the liquid medicine according to the ridging film mulching machine requirements, pour the liquid medicine into the liquid medicine cylinder, open the air inlet switch to inflate the cylinder, make the air pressure reach the specified value, and then try to spray. Pay attention to adjust the safety valve to the safety pressure to ensure the safety. When changing the liquid medicine, loosen the cylinder cover to release the air, and then open the cover to add the medicine.

4. Adding fertilizer will remove the debris and add the granular fertilizer without hardening into the ridging film mulching machine seed box.

5. Install the mulch film, install the film roll on the film rod, install it on the film roll frame, adjust the tightness and lock it.

Introduction Of Multifunctional Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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