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Maintenance Work Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester After Operation

After the operation of the farm corn combine harvester is finished, the battery should be removed before the garage, the electrolyte in the battery should be poured out, the dust on the surface of the battery and the chip must be cleaned, and finally the battery and zinc flakes should be washed with distilled water for many times Dry in a clean and ventilated place. After drying, package and store for next year.

Clean the cutter, apply anti-rust oil on the surface of the cutter after cleaning to prevent the cutter from being corroded. At the same time, check whether there are any damaged parts of the working parts of the cutter, and repair or replace according to different degrees of damage. At the same time, each moving surface should be fully lubricated once.

Clean the sprocket of farm corn combine harvester, and apply anti-rust oil on the surface of the sprocket to prevent corrosion. Check the damage of the sprocket parts and repair or replace according to the damage. At the same time, lubricate all the moving parts of the sprocket.

Choose a place for long-term parking of farm corn combine harvesters. The parking place should be in a ventilated and dry room, not in the open. Put down the header, and place wooden boards under the header to prevent it from suspending. Support the front and rear wheels with padding to make the tire hang. Make sure that the bracket is stable and firm, and release the gas inside the tire. During the period of storage and storage of agricultural corn combine harvesters. It is required to move the hydraulic control valve and other working positions 10 to 15 times a month. At the same time, the engine crankshaft should be rotated frequently to promote the lubrication of pistons, cylinders and other parts. If possible, cover with tarpaulin to reduce the entry of dust and debris.

Remove all drive chains, clean them with diesel oil, dry them, and then immerse them in the engine oil for 15 ~ 30 s, then install the recovery position. If the wear is severe, it should be replaced with a new one. It can also be stored in a paper bag after being immersed in oil. Remove the dial and press the wooden board, and lay it flat on the rack after holding it.

Remove the cutter assembly, apply anti-rust oil to the horizontal plate after cleaning, or hang it to prevent deformation. Remove the fuel tank and fuel pipe, and wash with clean diesel to ensure no leakage and prevent moisture and rust. Drain the oil from the air filter, engine oil pan, and oil filter. Clean the cooling system of the farm corn combine harvester, completely drain the cooling water in the cooling system to prevent freezing and cracking of the machine parts in winter.

In short, in order to keep the farm corn combine harvester in a good technical state during operation, it must strictly follow the inspection requirements in daily maintenance and storage maintenance, in order to reduce the occurrence of failures in the work and improve the efficiency of the harvester, We once again use corn harvesters to achieve good economic benefits and lay a solid foundation.

Maintenance Work Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester After Operation

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