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  • Frequent Incidents Of "Biting" Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester , Warning Against Accidents

Frequent Incidents Of "Biting" Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester , Warning Against Accidents

In autumn harvest season, some mechanized equipment provides convenience for farmers' friends, but also hides a lot of security risks. There have been a number of injuries of farm corn combine harvester in the provinces and cities. Liaocheng man gets stuck in the harvest on the 27th, while Texas man gets swallowed by the harvester. Finally, the two were able to get out of trouble under the efforts of Liaocheng and Dezhou fire control.

At about 8:40 a.m. on September 27, 2018, a man in dongayushan town of Liaocheng City was stuck by the farm corn combine harvester, which was in critical condition and in urgent need of rescue. After receiving the alarm, the local fire department rushed to the scene for rescue.

After the firefighters arrived at the scene, they came to the scene to investigate and find out that the man accidentally put his hand into the machine when using the farm corn combine harvester. At the scene, the man was painfully lying on the harvester, his right hand and arm were "swallowed" into the gears of the harvester.

According to the site conditions, fire fighters first use tools such as knives and spanners to peel off the shell part to expose the mechanical structure of the gripper part for demolition; then use hydraulic expanders and crowbars to expand the gripper part. Because the working space of the gripper part is only a few centimeters, in order to avoid the secondary injury of the trapped people, the firefighters and soldiers are not allowed to break the shell part The speech distracted his attention and kept him awake, while carefully operating the equipment for rescue. After nearly half an hour's intense rescue, the trapped man's hand was successfully taken out, simply bandaged by the on-site medical staff, and sent to the hospital for treatment.

It is reported that at the time of the incident, the corn stalk was stuck in the machine. The man wanted to pull out the corn stalk by hand. Unexpectedly, during the process of pulling, the hand was caught by the machine.

Also on September 27, at 10:06 a.m., the Lingcheng District brigade of Dezhou public security fire brigade received the alarm that a man's left leg in Shenjiawan village, huiwangzhuang Town, Lingcheng district was involved in the farm corn combine harvester and was in urgent need of rescue. After receiving the alarm, Lingcheng squadron immediately dispatched 2 fire trucks and 10 fire officers and soldiers to the scene for disposal.

After arriving at the scene, the firefighters learned that the man handled the corn above the cargo hopper of the farm corn combine harvester, accidentally involved his left leg in the corn carrier of the harvester, unable to move. Because the whole calf was completely involved in the machine, the man was very painful and trembling, and could barely stand with the help of his family. In order to rescue the trapped people as soon as possible, the fire brigade immediately took measures, first using hydraulic expander and crowbar to expand the space between the two gears to reduce the squeezing pain of the trapped people, and then using toothless saw and hydraulic shear to break the transmission parts of the combine after using surplus clothes to protect the injured people After more than half an hour of intensive rescue, the trapped people were rescued successfully and sent to the hospital by 120 ambulance for treatment.

In this regard, the Fire Department reminded: when operating large agricultural machines and tools such as combine harvester, you should be extra careful. Please strictly abide by the operating procedures. Before the machine does not stop running, you should not touch any part of your body to avoid accidents.

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