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How To Use Agricultural Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the agricultural machinery departments in various regions have gradually increased the promotion of mechanized technology of agricultural farm corn combine harvester, and the production and sales of farm corn combine harvester have shown an increase. Especially driven by the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, the mechanization of farm corn combine harvester has continued to develop. However, there are still low yields of farm corn combine harvester, limited market ownership, farmers are still in the stage of understanding corn harvesters, and the technical knowledge of farm corn combine harvester needs to be comprehensively improved and promoted.

Before each use of the machine, the safety sign operation instructions on the machine and the product label should be checked for defects, and the defects should be completed in time.

Trial operation. The user must purchase a new corn harvester or a corn harvester after overhaul before commissioning operation, in order to ensure a good technical status and extend the service life. Before the trial operation, the components must be properly installed, adjusted and lubricated. During the trial operation, the farm corn combine harvester must be shut down every half an hour for careful inspection.

Walking test run. When the temperature of the engine rises above 40C, it will be carried out from low gear to high gear, from forward gear to reverse gear, and the medium throttle will be used during the trial operation.

Test run with unit. In-situ trial operation-after a period of time, it can be carried out at the same time as the walking trial operation, but it is not allowed to perform the trial farm corn combine harvester operation at a higher gear.

Test run under load. The trial operation with load is the first field trial work of the harvester. Load test plots should generally be selected in a flat area with less weeds, consistent maturity, and basically no lodging, with a representative working area. When the oil pressure reaches 03 MPa and the water temperature rises to 60C, it starts to run at a low speed with a small feeding amount, and gradually increases the load to the rated feeding amount.

It should be emphasized that regardless of the amount of feed, the engine should work at the rated speed. During the test, the working farm corn combine harvester parts should be adjusted reasonably in time to achieve a good working condition.

How To Use Agricultural Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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