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How To Choose Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Now farm corn combine harvester are very common agricultural machinery appliances, you may be wondering, what are the pits? In terms of the north, corn is generally harvested every October or September.

But we can’t predict the weather. We do n’t know if it rains or rains when we harvest corn. If we ca n’t germinate the wheat after it ’s planted, we have to replant it. For safety reasons, we prefer a small farm corn combine harvester.

Under conditions to ensure sufficient rain and humidity, farmers will give priority to large farm corn combine harvester because of their high efficiency and speed. But other problems will also arise. When the corn stalks are wet and the large joints are relatively small, the roller drive will be more difficult. Therefore, when a farmer purchases an farm corn combine harvester by himself, it is recommended to choose a small machine with a small cost to reduce the maintenance cost. If it is a collective purchase, you can buy a large variety to prepare for various emergencies in advance.

How To Choose Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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