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Features of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Main functions of ridging film mulching machine:

1. Rotary tillage and weeding operations in orchards, greenhouses and nurseries;
2. Equipped with sowing fertilizer, it can be used for fertilizing and sowing;
3, with a ditching knife can ditch the soil

First, the ridging film mulching machine has a small size, low center of gravity, low labor intensity, convenient operation, and can also be used by women. Great for orchard work.

2. The ridging film mulching machine adopts turbine worm drive, which has a large transmission ratio and low power loss.

3. The ridge film mulching machine has high working efficiency, complete functions, and is about 1 times more efficient than ordinary micro-tillers, and can independently complete a variety of agronomy such as rotary tillage, weeding, and trenching.

Features of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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