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New Small Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Ridging film mulching machine is mainly used in rice fields and vegetable fields, and also used in orchard cultivation. The heavy horizontal axis rotary tiller has a tillage depth of 20 to 25 cm and is mostly used for shrubland, swampland and grassland wasteland machinery.

1. At the beginning of the ridging film mulching machine operation, the rotary tiller should be in the lifting state. First, combine the power output shaft to increase the speed of the knife shaft to the rated speed, and then lower the rotary tiller to gradually insert the blade into the soil to the required depth. It is strictly forbidden to combine the blade with the power output shaft or sharply lower the rotary tiller after entering the soil, so as not to cause the blade to bend or break and increase the load on the tractor.

2. In the operation of the ridging film mulching machine, it should be slow and slow as possible, so as to ensure the quality of the operation, make the soil pieces fine, and reduce the wear of the machine parts. Pay attention to whether there is noise or metal percussion from the rotary tiller, and observe the broken soil and ploughing depth. If there is any abnormality, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the operation can be continued after being eliminated.

3. When the ground is turning, it is forbidden to work, the rotary tiller should be raised to keep the blade off the ground, and reduce the throttle of the tractor to avoid damage to the blade. When lifting the rotary tiller, the inclination angle of the universal joint operation should be less than 30 degrees. When it is too large, it will produce impact noise, causing it to wear out or be damaged prematurely.

4. When the ridging film mulching machine reverses, crosses the field, and transfers the land, the rotary tiller should be lifted to the position and the power should be cut off to avoid damaging the machine parts. If it is moved to a distance, use a locking device to fix the rotary tiller.

5. After each shift, the rotary tiller should be maintained. Dirt and weeds on the blade, check the tightness of each connector, fill the lubricating points with grease, and grease the universal joint to prevent increased wear

New Small Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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