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Management Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine After Mulching

Now it's a good time for spring planting. Farmers often use ridging film mulching machine instead of heavy manual work. Do you know how to manage after mulching? Let's take a look.

(1) Do not step on the membrane surface
It is strictly prohibited for livestock and other animals with sharp hoofs to walk on the mulch. It is prohibited to wear high-heeled shoes when working in the field. The bottom of ladder shall be bound with waste soles when ridging film mulching machine flower and fruit thinning, bagging and fruit harvesting.

(2) Repair the hole in time
If any hole is found on the ridging film mulching machine membrane surface, it shall be sealed and compacted with fine soil immediately, otherwise it is easy to tear the membrane when it is poured into by strong wind, especially in the windy orchard on the tableland surface, the membrane surface shall be checked at any time. In addition, when using the plastic film for 2 years continuously, when pruning fruit trees, be careful not to cut the plastic film by branches and other tools.

Management Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine After Mulching

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