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Application Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

The purpose of ridging film mulching machine: it is used for mulching on plains, hills, large and medium-sized plots, potatoes, peanuts, yellow tobacco, cotton, corn, watermelon, medicinal materials and other crops.

Advantages of ridging film mulching machine: the machine can adjust the width according to the demand, reduce physical labor, improve production efficiency, improve ground temperature, water and soil conservation

The ridging film mulching machine is widely used in 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China. It is widely used in 40 kinds of crops, such as grain, cotton, oil, vegetable, melon and fruit, tobacco, sugar, medicine, hemp, tea, forest, etc. it can increase the output of crops by 30-50 and 40-60. It is very popular among farmers

Application Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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