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Features Of Small Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Small ridging film mulching machine is used for agricultural work, professional ridge, the parameters are as follows: ridge top width: 10-50CM, ridge bottom width: 30-120cm, ridge height: 20-80cm, suitable for peanut, sweet potato, yellow smoke , Ginger, and sweet potatoes.

Small ridging film mulching machine also has the following characteristics:

1. The trenching effect is good: the depth can reach 40 cm and the width is between 8 cm and 1.2 m. The cutter will be configured according to your width requirements.

2. Multi-function: a set of more than 20 functions, one machine for multiple uses, no need to buy repeatedly, saving money.

3. Durable: thicker body, chain and gear transmission, cutters are forged with 75 # heavy steel, very wear-resistant and durable, saving money.

4. Fuel saving: The cost per mu is 5-7 yuan, which really saves money.

5. Fast speed: 1-1.5 acres of land can be operated in one hour, and more than 16 people who work on the top of the soil can work at the same time, saving money and labor.

6. High temperature resistance: Samll ridging film mulching machine can work continuously for a long time, saving time.

Features Of Small Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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