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In Autumn Harvest, Farm Corn Combine Harvester Is The Leading Role

Autumn harvest season, walking in the vast fields of Northern Liaoning. Looking at the vast corn fields, it is rare to see the busy scenes of farmers struggling to lay down corn stalks and break corn cobs in the past. What we see is more that after the roar of a farm corn combine harvester, a ear of golden corn cobs fell into the barn and crushed corn stalks were spread on the ground. Then the tractor filled with corn cobs drove happily to home go

Xiaonan Town, Diaobingshan city has 45000 Mu corn planting area this year. It has been reaped in October. However, in the past, the traditional harvesting method of people breaking off horse and pulling has gradually faded out and replaced by large-scale mechanized harvesting. In the field, it is often seen that a harvester with three people in one unit is harvesting corn.

In the corn field of sun Xilin's home in Zhangzhuang village, I saw only one farm corn combine harvester shuttling back and forth in the field. In an instant, five rows of corn standing in the field were sucked into the machine together with their stalks and ears. They were all in one go when they were plucked, peeled and returned to the field. Behind them, only the corn husks and crushed straws were laid on the ground. After several rounds, the corn harvester was parked on the agricultural land Next to the tricycle, the golden corn pours out. Within half a point, 5 mu of corn has been harvested. "Before, it took at least ten days to break the corn cob, chop the straw, and then carry the straw away. I was so busy with my hands and feet.". Now, when the corn harvester goes over once, it can finish the work of the previous ten days in one day. It's really not busy in autumn. " Sun Xilin said.

The owner of Sun Xilin's farm corn combine harvester is Xintian agricultural machinery cooperative. The number of farmers who use harvesters this year is more than half that of last year, and the 12 large corn harvesters of Xindi agricultural machinery cooperatives are all used.

In order to improve the mechanization level of agricultural machinery operation in the "three autumn", Xiaonan town focuses on the use and promotion of farm corn combine harvester, encourages farmers to introduce new agricultural machinery products, and actively promotes the protective cultivation of returning corn straw to the field by relying on Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and large farmers. Due to the participation of cooperatives and the wide application of agricultural machinery, not only the harvesting efficiency is greatly improved, but also the labor of farmers The intensity and cost are also greatly reduced. At present, there are more than 50 corn combine harvesters of various types in the town. Corn harvesting is near the end, and the mechanized operation rate reaches 90%

In Autumn Harvest, Farm Corn Combine Harvester Is The Leading Role

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