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The Method Of Mulching With Ridging Film Mulching Machine

The ridging film mulching machine is mainly suitable for ridging and mulching operations after the field cultivation of potatoes, beans and vegetables. The ridging machine has the characteristics of ridge distance, ridge height, number of ridging rows, convenient angle adjustment, large matching range and strong adaptability. Let's take a look at the coating method

(1) scribing
Before ridging film mulching machine doing ridging, the ridging line should be defined according to the crown size and the selected film width. The ridge line is parallel to the row direction, and two straight lines are pulled on both sides of the tree tray with the measuring rope. The distance between the ridge line and the trunk is less than 5cm of the film width. The orchard covered with film should have flat terrain and fine management of soil, fertilizer and water in the field.

(2) ridging
Ridge the trees along the row according to the ridge line. The center line of the ridge is the trunk, the middle is high and the sides are low, forming an open "- shape, and the height difference of the ridge is 10-15cm. When the ridge is built, the soil in the rainwater collecting ditch and between rows outside the measuring line shall be finely broken and then the ridge shall be built according to the required slope, and no soil shall be buried at 3-5cm around the trunk. After the ridge surface is built, the shovel is used to crush the soil block, level the ridge surface and compact the soil to cover the film.

(3) film mulching
When ridging film mulching machine is mulching, it is required to tighten, straighten, wrinkle free and close to the ridge surface; the edge of the film on both sides of the central ridge shall be connected and compacted with fine soil; the edge of the film on both sides of the ridge shall be buried in the soil for about 5cm. After the film is stretched for 3-4 meters, the two sides of the film are pressed immediately and pushed forward gradually.

The Method Of Mulching With Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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