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Selection Of Plastic Film For Ridging Film Mulching Machine

In order to use ridging film mulching machine to achieve a good effect, the choice of mulch is also very important. Next, let's see how to choose mulch!

(1) Color of mulch
The reasons for choosing black mulch are as follows: first, inhibiting weeds and prolonging the use period of mulch; second, the change of soil temperature is small; third, it has no effect on the phenology of germination and flowering. However, covering with white plastic film can make the flowering period advance obviously, weeds under the film are clustered, and the plastic film is easy to pierce and reduce the use period.

(2) Quality of mulch
The ridging film mulching machine film thickness is required to be 0.008-0.012 mm, with uniform texture, bright film surface, strong kneading elasticity and good aging resistance.

(3) Width of mulch
The width of plastic film should be 70% - 80% of the maximum branch spread of tree crown, because the absorption root system of apple tree is mainly concentrated in this area, and the rainwater collected by film surface should be stored in this area.

The width of the new 2-3-year-old trees is required to be 1 m, and one side is covered with ridging film mulching machine film. The trunk is in the center of the film surface, and the film width on both sides of the ridge surface is 50 cm respectively; the trees in the initial fruit stage with more than 4 years select 1-1.2 M of the film according to the size of the crown, and the trees in the full fruit stage select 1.4-1.5 m of the film according to the size of the crown, and both sides of the ridge surface are covered with film.

Selection Of Plastic Film For Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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