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Mulching Time Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

This type of ridging film mulching machine has a very powerful function, which really liberates the manpower. It is used with a tractor of 18-50 horsepower, with three-point suspension at the back. It can complete ridging and mulching at one time, spray and drip irrigation functions, which is efficient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving, and is loved by the majority of farmers.

Ridging film mulching machine has greatly liberated human resources, so dear farmers, do you know the time of mulching

(1) Mulching in late autumn and early winter

At the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, the mulching was carried out immediately after the base fertilizer was applied in the orchard in autumn until the soil was frozen. The orchard with warm winter, shallow frozen soil and strong wind can be covered with plastic film at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter.

(2) Film mulching on the top in spring

In spring, the mulching should be carried out immediately after thawing of 5cm thick topsoil, the earlier the better. In the orchard with cold winter, deep frozen soil and little wind, it is better to cover the top with film in spring.

Mulching Time Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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