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  • Warm Congratulations On The Selection Of Shandong Weixin'S Robot Products For Jining City Epidemic Prevention And Control Software Products And Solutions

Warm Congratulations On The Selection Of Shandong Weixin'S Robot Products For Jining City Epidemic Prevention And Control Software Products And Solutions

Posted :2020/2/27 11:47:53      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneplant protection droneUAV Drone

In order to give full play to the important supporting role of next-generation information technology and intelligent manufacturing in epidemic prevention and control, and work together to resolutely win the fight against epidemic prevention and control, recently, Jining Industry and Information Technology Bureau announced software that can be used for epidemic prevention and control. Products and solutions. The "Mist Version Epidemic Prevention and Disinfection Robot" manufactured by Shandong Weixin Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. was selected into the "Recommended Reference Catalog of Epidemic Prevention and Control Software Products and Solutions" in Jining City.

The mist version of anti epidemic and disinfection robot is independently developed and produced by the intelligent manufacturing company of Shandong Weixin. The product is equipped with mist eliminator on the crawler robot chassis. It adopts wireless remote control. It is small, flexible and convenient, has strong trafficability and large drug load. It can spray all liquid agents, atomize fine and greasy, cover in an instant, and can carry a maximum of 30L liquid for spraying. At the same time, the remote control operation of the robot can reach up to 1000m, completely eliminating the harm to human body in disinfection operation. The disinfecting efficiency is three times of that of human. It can enter the isolation area for operation, save protective clothing, and avoid the harm to human caused by the disinfecting process. During the epidemic, our group's disinfecting team provided disinfecting services in many communities and communities throughout the city, which made due contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic and was widely praised.

As a demonstration enterprise of the national manufacturing industry innovation and entrepreneurship platform, an outstanding enterprise of China's machinery industry, a national "specialized, special and new" enterprise, the first batch of technological innovation project planning enterprises in Shandong Province, an outstanding industrial contribution award enterprise in Shandong Province, a science and technology enterprise in Shandong Province, a demonstration enterprise of integration of industrialization and innovation in Shandong Province, and an innovation enterprise of "One Enterprise, One Technology" in Shandong Province, Shandong Weixin vigorously implements knowledge The property right strategy, through the combination of production, learning and research, independent innovation, implements the strategy of strengthening enterprises through science and technology, invigorating enterprises through talents, increasing investment in scientific research and technological innovation, and accelerating the achievement transformation of new products and technologies. The R & D ability and technological innovation level of Shandong Weixin are constantly improving. At present, Shandong Weixin has more than 100 national computer software copyrights, 130 national utility model patents, more than 100 national mine product safety certification, and more than 160 product inspection reports issued by provincial and municipal technical supervision bureaus. It has strong comprehensive strength in the production, R & D and manufacturing of intelligent products It improves the core competitiveness of China coal products.

As a large-scale intelligent manufacturing company, Shandong Weixin also actively responds to China ’s manufacturing 2025 national strategic plan, vigorously promotes the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, enhances the level of integration of manufacturing and the Internet, actively promotes industrial transformation and upgrading, and introduces advanced foreign robotics technology to develop industries Intelligent robots, smart home robots, fire-fighting robots, crawler detonation robots and many other industrial intelligent products have made positive contributions to the rapid development of the intelligent equipment industry! In order to make better use of advanced technologies such as 5G communications, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and the Internet of Things to promote the development of manufacturing, the Group also invested in the China Coal Industry Intelligent Research Institute. Supporting high-quality research and development teams, in conjunction with well-known universities and research institutions across the country, to build the research institute into a dual platform for technology and industry incubation. Important role of demonstration!

The "Mist Version Epidemic Prevention and Disinfection Robot" products declared by our group were selected into the recommended reference catalogue of Jining epidemic prevention and control software products and solutions, which is a full affirmation of our group's intelligent manufacturing solutions during the epidemic prevention and control period. Next, our group will continue to increase investment in R & D of intelligent manufacturing technology, improve R & D facilities, strengthen cooperation between industry, University and research, further improve innovation ability and success rate of transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and better contribute more to epidemic prevention and control!

Warm Congratulations On The Selection Of Shandong Weixin'S Robot Products For Jining City Epidemic Prevention And Control Software Products And Solutions

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