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Using Farm Corn Combine Harvester Correctly

The correct and effective use of the farm corn combine harvester can not only ensure the efficiency of the work, but also extend the life of the corn combine. What I want to tell you today is the aspects that the corn combine should pay attention to when operating:

First: The farm corn combine harvester should be smoothly combined before operation. The clutch of the working parts and the throttle are from small to large, and the harvesting operation can be started when the rated speed is stable.

Second: During farm corn combine harvester in field operations, the cutting and crushing quality and stubble height should be regularly checked, and the height of the header should be adjusted at any time according to the situation.

Third: Check the work of the ear picking device according to the number of kernels dropped to the ground. The loss of kernels should not exceed 0.5% of the total corn kernels. When the loss is large, check whether the working gap between the ear picking boards is correct.

Fourth: When the fram corn combine harvester turns or encounters a water hole during the corn operation, the header should be raised to the transport position. When working in a field with a ditch, the equipment can only work in the direction of the ditch.

Using Farm Corn Combine Harvester Correctly

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