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Precautions During Harvesting Of Agricultural Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Operators should be proficient in farm corn combine harvester operating the lever to ensure that the height of the head of the harvester when the agricultural corn combine is harvested is compatible with the height of the plot. It can't be too high or the straw will be too long or too low, or the corn will have soil.

And during the entire operation of the farm corn combine harvester, you can't use your hand to troubleshoot or touch the running parts with your hands. If troubleshooting is required, be sure to stop the vehicle before performing troubleshooting.

The farm corn combine harvester is a very complicated large machine, and the entire transmission chain is very long and complicated. If a certain transmission part is damaged, the whole harvesting unit will stop running. Therefore, in the process of using the harvester, we must strictly abide by the operating specifications to avoid unnecessary safety accidents.

As a farmer, during the whole harvesting process of the farm corn combine harvester, we should try not to get close to the harvester, and don't make some risky moves near the harvester in order to distress the food. This will not only save the losses, but may also cause serious damage. Personal safety accident.

Precautions During Harvesting Of Agricultural Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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