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Vigorously Develop The New Mode Of Modern Agriculture

Recently, the central rural work conference pointed out that "we should vigorously develop agriculture UAV Drone industrialization. On the basis of stable grain production, we should actively promote the adjustment of agricultural structure, change from "production oriented" to "consumption oriented", and change from thinking only on cultivated land to facing the whole land and resources. If we want to expand and strengthen the agricultural industry, we can form many new industries, new formats and new models, and cultivate new economic growth points.

Since taking up his post, the author has found that in recent years, through the study and investigation of Beijing's experience in developing urban modern agriculture, Beijing has been adapting to and diversifying the market demand, actively developing the production, life, ecology and demonstration functions of agriculture, constantly promoting the integrated development of agriculture, secondary and tertiary industries, and exploring new business forms and modes of modern agricultural development, which are worth learning Draw lessons from.

1、 Seed farming. Farm Corn Combine Harvester Develop the production function of agriculture, speed up the development of key links such as scientific research, variety selection, infrastructure and seed trade, improve the economic benefits of agriculture and promote the increase of farmers' income.

2、 Leisure agriculture. The organic integration of agriculture and "three industries". Use agricultural and rural resources to provide residents with sightseeing, leisure, vacation, entertainment, fitness and other services.

3、 Exhibition agriculture. Taking the forms of Ridging Film Mulching Machine conferences, exhibitions, exhibitions, festivals, agricultural activities and other activities as the carrier, through agricultural exhibition activities, the organic integration of the industry has been realized, the agricultural industry chain has been lengthened, the added value of agriculture has been improved, and the purpose of "holding an exhibition, pulling an industry and Enriching Farmers" has been achieved.

4、 Creative agriculture. Through creativity, the culture and art, agriculture UAV drone technology, agricultural by-products and farming activities are organically combined to open up a new space for the development of agriculture and rural areas, and enhance the value and output value of modern agriculture.

Vigorously Develop The New Mode Of Modern Agriculture

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