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The Choice Of Orchard Mulching Film Is Important

There are many types of mulch film. When selecting orchard mulch, you should choose the type of mulch according to your actual needs.

If the weather is cold and the soil is loose, you can choose colorless and transparent mulch. It can keep the soil from losing water and protect the soil from cold air.

In addition to the black mulch film, it can not only maintain heat and moisturize, but also inhibit the growth of weeds in the garden. During the growth and development of cherries, the silver mulch is the best choice. The silver mulch is also used as a reflective film. It is generally used during the summer fruit coloring period. In addition to its good heat insulation effect, it can increase the light area and light intensity, and improve the fruit The degree of coloring makes the fruit bright, high gloss, and improves the quality of the fruit.

When performing mulching, first make preparations before mulching. Watering the proper amount in the area where the film is needed to make the water infiltrate the soil. Combined with tillage, the soil becomes soft and slightly wet. Watering cultivated land must be combined. If light farming is not carried out, the water content in the soil will be too high, and the mulch will be more concentrated and difficult to discharge.

The width of the mulch depends on the actual shadow area of the root of the fruit tree, and it should not be too wide. Saplings are generally 60-80 cm wide. After the preparatory work is completed, the mulch is laid flat on the soil. The end of the mulch is pressed with a hard object to prevent wind from blowing up. After the rain, open a drain on the mulch in time to drain excess water in time. When the weather is hot, you can cover the film with a layer of grass to prevent the high temperature under the film from burning the rhizomes.

The Choice Of Orchard Mulching Film Is Important

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