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Orchard Mulch Gives Better Growth Environment For Rhizomes

Increase soil fertility, improve cherry quality, orchard mulching technology. What should we do if the branches of fruit trees are too high, the roots are always rotten, and various problems of planting fruit trees occur frequently? What I want to tell you today is the science and technology of ridging film mulching machine.

There are many advantages of tree plate mulching by using ridging film mulching machine, which can effectively inhibit the growth of weeds, avoid the competition between weeds and fruit trees for nutrition and water, increase organic matter and soil fertility, maintain soil temperature and water, reduce ground evaporation, and provide better growth environment for rhizomes. What we are going to talk about today is mulching.

Ridging film mulching machine is widely used in orchard management. Covering a layer of film on the soil can effectively provide protection for the soil and avoid evaporation of water on the soil surface due to too strong sunlight.

When the weather is cold or windy, the use of mulch can keep the temperature of the soil, make the microorganisms in the soil continue to move, promote the decomposition of organic matter and other nutrients, so that the roots and stems are not affected by cold air to absorb nutrients normally. Under the mulch, small water molecules will be gradually concentrated, making the soil more sticky and delicate.

Orchard Mulch Gives Better Growth Environment For Rhizomes

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