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Agricultural Drone Manufacturers Talk About Pesticide Spraying Drones

Posted :2019/12/21 9:45:38      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneuav drone,uav drone agricultural

Pesticide spraying drones are different from other agricultural machinery that runs on the ground, because pesticide unmanned helicopters fly in the air, in order to ensure its safe flight, the accuracy of its parts is very high, the technology and structure are very complicated, and the research and development costs Very high.

The current helicopter platform used for pesticide spraying generally has two classes of 5 kg and 10 kg. The reason why unmanned helicopters are called unmanned aircraft rather than remotely controlled aircraft is because an automatic control instrument (commonly known as flight control) is installed on the pesticide unmanned helicopter to ensure its flight stability.

Technical specifications of pesticide spraying drone

Dimensions (length * width * height) 2110 * 2110 * 800mm
Aircraft weight 11KG
Takeoff weight 30KG
Pesticide container capacity 10L
Boom Length 220cm
Body Material Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Alloy
Charger High-power lithium balance charging device
Spray system Medicine box, dispersive spray system, booster pump
Working temperature -10 ℃ -40 ℃
Lithium battery life 300 charge and discharge
Maximum payload (5-20) KG (± 5%)
Lithium polymer power battery 22.2V / 16000mA / life time 10min
Working speed 3-8m / s (wind speed 2-3)
Relative flying height 1-3 meters from crops (depending on different crops)
Spray width (6 0.3L / min spray nozzles, 2.2-meter-long spray pipe) 2-4 meters (downwind or upwind, wind speed 2-3)
Spray flow 1-1.2L / min (6 nozzles)
Consumption of high-concentration pesticides 0.5-1.0L / mu (depending on different crops)
Single machine spraying operation efficiency 300 acres / day (depending on the actual operation of the pilot)

Agricultural Drone Manufacturers Talk About Pesticide Spraying Drones

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