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Commercial Application Of Agricultural Drones

Posted :2019/12/7 16:19:57      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneuav dronedrone uav

In the past, people's attention on drones mostly focused on which drones are most suitable for beginners, children, and photography, but few people are concerned with commercial applications of drones. Ordinary drone drivers should be concerned about commercial applications of drones, because the more widely used drones are, the more likely it is for everyone. Commercial drone giants have even started offering commercial flight training courses.

Giants in the commercial application of agricultural UAV drones have already begun their efforts to provide simple and easy-to-use solutions to train farmers and drivers. Their drones can be equipped with different sensors and cameras based on the data needs of the farmer. UAV manufacturers have drones that can cover one square kilometer in one flight, and use quick disassembly of battery packs, which is convenient for users to complete a variety of investigations in a single operation.

ZM820 Plant Protection Drone Features:
1. Made of carbon fiber material, with light weight and high strength, the foldable arm is designed for easy transportation.
2. Using brushless motor as power, long service life, equipped with high-precision GPS and IMU sensor, precise spraying of pesticides.
3. The plant protection assistant APP supports intelligent path generation, and can spray the operation autonomously to reduce the operator's work intensity.
4. Take-off adjustment is short, high efficiency, high attendance rate; one-button take-off and landing, full autonomy.
5. Environmental protection without waste gas, in line with energy conservation and environmental protection and green agricultural development requirements. Easy to maintain, low cost of use and maintenance.

Commercial Application Of Agricultural Drones

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