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Water Well Drilling Rigs Safety Specification

Posted :2019/9/28 14:27:28      Tags:Well Drilling Rigwater well drill rigswater drilling rigs

There are strict rules for water well drilling rigs in such activities as turnaround, transportation, assembly, disassembly and maintenance. These safety procedures should be strictly observed to prevent water drilling rigs from breaking down.

1. The center of gravity of the water well drilling rig should be balanced according to the road condition and site. No drilling is allowed in the construction site. The backfilling pit should be marked well. The mast should be retracted along narrow or dangerous road sections.

The inclined section needs to adjust the lift angle, left and right inclination of the mast of the drilling rig, and the center of gravity of the drilling rig is adjusted by turning on the truck. When water accumulates in the sidewalk or construction site, the drill pipe bit can be used to guide the walking rig.

2. When water well drilling rigs are repaired, they need to be cooled before they start to work, so as not to cause personnel due to high temperature. The hydraulic system of the drilling rig needs to be repaired after pressure relief, so as to avoid danger caused by internal storage of high pressure. When the main coil brake system of the drilling rig is disassembled.

It is strictly forbidden to maintain the main coil on load; when disassembling the connection between the right-twisted non-rotating wire rope and the lifter, attention should be paid to the mechanical rotation; when the flexible rotation of the rig lifter causes the rotating force of the live wire rope to twist the rope, people should be avoided being pinched.

Water Well Drilling Rigs Safety Specification

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