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Plant Protection UAV and Agricultural Dealers

Posted :2019/9/20 11:12:04      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneuav drone,Plant Protection UAV

The simple UAV plant protection service of small households can not do better than the integration of pesticides and services of agricultural dealers.

It's also easy to understand. Why do you say that? I am not optimistic about the profitability of farmers who spend more than 100,000 yuan on UAVs. More than 100,000 yuan of investment is a lot of expenditure even with government subsidies. According to the regulations, the government's maximum subsidy for the purchase of plant protection UAVs is RMB 30,000. Then, the farmers themselves bear the cost, no matter how they pay, by providing services to others. Here are several reference factors: first, the situation of competitors, second, the recognition of farmers, and third, the continuous acquisition and profitability of orders.

First, look at the competitors. Farmers have no competitors in the relatively short time of purchasing plant protection UAVs, but agricultural distributors are in the lead, and with the advantages of capital, pesticides and technology, they form a strong crush on farmers.

Look at the second point: farmers'recognition. The factors affecting farmers'acceptance include at least UAV spraying technology and the convenience of UAV plant protection services. The old farmer in the village will face many problems in UAV operation. The author does not think much of its control technology and pesticide spraying technology. Of course, with the passage of time, its technical level will certainly improve, which is beyond doubt. But the question is, will opponents and farmers give him enough time to grow up and opportunities to make mistakes?

Third, about order acquisition and profitability. Apart from the acquaintance relationship, the most important thing for farmers to obtain orders is quality and word-of-mouth. Quality is related to technology, if agricultural stores employ professional skippers, then farmers do not have much competitiveness; from the aspect of word-of-mouth, word-of-mouth is closely related to spraying quality and price, without considering spraying quality, it is difficult for farmers to be competitive in price. Because farmers have to get medicine from agribusiness businessmen, and agribusiness businessmen can reduce the cost of this, thus forming a price advantage.

Plant Protection UAV and Agricultural Dealers

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