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Agricultural Drone Application Range

In the agricultural sector, UAV drones have come into play. With the help of drones, they can get real-time information about their land. There is a lot of information that farmers need to track for crop health, water applications, and soil analysis.

Before UAV drones became the main asset of agriculture, attention was paid to aircraft surveillance. The frequency of use of aircraft is not very high, and the cost of manned aircraft is high, which makes farmers often cautious in using surveillance data. In contrast, drones can survey fields on a daily or weekly basis. These drones can do a variety of jobs on farms and ranch.

The task that the UAV drones can accomplish

(1) Diagnosis of plant diseases
(2) Generate water utilization image
(3) Image of soil erosion characteristics
(4) Pest image
(5) Crop dusting

An interesting fact that requires constant attention is that you can use a drone with a near-infrared sensor to determine the stress on the plant. Plants can be in a non-stress state before people see signs of physical damage to the plant.

When you see any physical damage, plants can show signs of their distress. Using a drone allows you to take remedial action before the plant is permanently damaged. In addition, farmers can use sensors to monitor soil damage or erosion. When there is a problem with your land or crop, it is very important to know this information in advance, because then you can take further action in advance.

Agricultural Drone Application Range

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