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Patrol Drone Function Introduction

Posted :2019/9/5 17:45:39      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneuav drone,uav drone agricultural

1, the uav drone system has intelligent full autonomous flight capability
It can take off in a single button, autonomously hover, autonomous flight, and autonomous landing.

2, the uav drone system has multiple security measures
1) Dual CPU hot backup work;
2) When the link fails, the aircraft can return spontaneously and land independently (it can also continue to fly according to the settings, return to self-going after the completion of the mission, and land on its own);
3) Allow all sensors to fail once, the aircraft maintains normal flight status, and alarms;
4) When the setting parameters are unreasonable, it can automatically recognize and automatically adjust the flight status to avoid flight accidents.
5) The automatic driving system has fault redundancy capability, in addition to GPS navigation, there is also Strapdown inertial navigation. Allowing the link to be interrupted, allowing GPS signals to be lost, allowing all sensors to have a single failure, maintaining the normal flight attitude of the aircraft while alerting the ground station;
6) If the ground station fails in the external power supply, it can rely on its own power supply to maintain normal operation for more than 2 hours.

3, the uav drone system has camera, camera function
It can mount a variety of camcorders, cameras and infrared cameras for aerial photography. The pan/tilt can be adjusted with three axes and electronic follow-up. The shooting picture can be taken, zoomed, and recorded in real time. At the same time, it can be transmitted back to the ground control station in real time, which can realize multi-channel reception or transmission to a remote command post.

4, the uav drone system has a night flight function
The patrol drone system is capable of night flight and is capable of autonomous (or semi-autonomous) take-off, autonomous navigation and autonomous landing at night. After the infrared night vision device is mounted, the system has the ability to reconnoiter and patrol at night. Smoke, rain and snow, and camouflage bunkers can be found in the air, such as hidden fire sources, sheltered people, vehicles, and boats.

5, the uav drone system can increase the fixed point airdrop function
After the system is installed with the equipment, it can mount about 5 kg of items to realize fixed-point or fixed-point image delivery.

6, the uav drone system can increase the remote call function
After the system is equipped with a shouting device, the person below the plane can be commanded by a long distance.

Patrol Drone Function Introduction

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