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The Main Function Of The Patrol Drone

Posted :2019/8/28 16:52:14      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneuav drone,uav drone agricultural

The system aircraft and flight control of patrol drones are all pure imported products, which are widely used in many western countries. The drone has the characteristics of high index, full function, good safety, high reliability, simple operation and portability. It can be equipped with cameras, cameras, thermal imaging cameras, laser radar (LiDAR), synthetic aperture radar (miniSAR). Such task equipment, one-button autonomous take-off, hovering, cruising, landing, day and night can perform various urgent and dangerous tasks such as reconnaissance, aerial photography, aerial survey, pipeline inspection, deep forest fire prevention, anti-terrorism and anti-riot, disaster relief and other disasters.

1. The UAV system has intelligent full autonomous flight capability.

2. The drone system has multiple safety protection measures

3. The drone system has camera and camera functions.

4, the drone system has a night flight function

5, the drone system can increase the fixed point airdrop function

6, the drone system can increase the remote call function

The Main Function Of The Patrol Drone

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