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Advantages of Agriculture UAV Drone in Precision Agriculture

Generally speaking, decisions made by farmers throughout the year often depend only on past harvest experience. These questions believe that farmers often think: Is there enough fertilizer? Do we adopt a close planting scheme? Can irrigation reward me with high yield or high quality?

The missing link is that precision agriculture requires better data entry to show differences in crop responses. UAVs provide farmers with the ability to measure and detect crops and convert data into accurate application maps. At first glance, there's nothing new, because satellites can provide similar data services. Growth monitoring, fertilization advice, irrigation advice and so on, thanks to drones, farmers can use more than 40 years of satellite and earth observations.

Today, agriculture uav drone fly with cameras that are unprecedented even on satellite platforms: hyperspectral resolution, better flexibility, other things like temperature sensors, altimetry lasers and radar. All of these can be carried in flight, and the data can be analyzed in real time. The use of GNSS in agriculture uav drone autopilot makes accurate flight planning to ensure accurate position capture images a reality. And by using geographic fencing technology that prevents UAVs from leaping over geographical boundaries, GNSS ensures that UAVs remain flying in a given area.

Advantages of Agriculture UAV Drone in Precision Agriculture

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