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Why UAVs Are Becoming More And More Important In Agriculture

Analysts predict that the agricultural sector will account for the largest share of the multi-billion dollar market for drones. When it comes to the current level of business operations, this situation is hard to believe anyway, because there are very few farmers in the agricultural sector who are willing to pay for crop images obtained by drones. Perhaps this is not a problem, but it becomes different when the drone becomes an indispensable assistant to modern farmers.

Agriculture is simple but not easy. On many modern farms, scientific means have become popular: measurement, analysis, prediction and response. Sometimes, as long as the regulations allow, the farmer's response will be greater than the actual demand under safe conditions: more fertilizer, more insecticides have more water and so on.

The role of precision agriculture is to do the right thing at the right time and place in the right proportion or density. Modern agricultural machinery can be almost fully automated, such as variable density seeders, variable rate sprayers, precision weeding, and more. The thing you need is the way to tell the machine when and where to do it.

Plant protection drones are equipped with plant protection flight control and agricultural intelligent data processing platform, as well as dual pump accurate metering spray system, combined with FPV, obstacle avoidance and other auxiliary operating systems, can achieve accurate plant protection operations, making plant protection operations simple and safe. Based on the second-generation flight control technology architecture, the new TiA series flight control system is safe and reliable, optimized for the plant protection industry, improves work efficiency, and realizes intelligent operation of drone plant protection.

The agriculture UAV drone will change agriculture, no doubt, but the question is when and how. Discussion of these issues will continue.

Why UAVs Are Becoming More And More Important In Agriculture

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