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Operational Considerations Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Posted :2019/7/26 15:02:12      Tags:Ridging Film Mulching Machine Farm Corn Combine Harvester
1. When the film-laying is started, the ridging film mulching machine should be placed on the ground head and the edge of the ridge, set in the right direction, then stretch the film, slowly put down the ridging film mulching machine, and press the film-edge under the film-pressing wheel, and the hydraulic handle should be placed in the floating position.

2. The traction film-laying machine should start slowly so as not to break the film. The speed of locomotive should be uniform and can be controlled in 3-5 km/h.

3. Reduce parking as much as possible in the middle of unit operation, let alone backing up and turning steeply. The quality problems found by the pilots should be handled in time.

4. When turning the ground, the unit with the dispenser should close the dispenser first, and the hoist can turn back.

5. When ridging film mulching machine working in windy days, the retaining plate should be adjusted and fixed to prevent the soil from being blown to the film surface by the wind. The film-laying machine with a spraying device should try to shield it and prevent the drift of liquid medicine.
Operational Considerations Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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