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Plant Protection UAV Is Bound To Become The Main Force Of Future Agriculture

Posted :2019/7/13 16:53:40      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneuav drone,Plant Protection UAV

Security is a topic that no society can avoid forever. Our lives have bright and warm sunshine and dangerous shadows. However, technology has been working to improve the safety of people's lives, so that seemingly uncontrollable risk factors infinitely close to zero. This includes the very hot application in agriculture in the past two years - plant protection UAV low altitude, low volume and high efficiency aerial pesticide application technology, namely UAV pesticide application.

Undoubtedly, UAV can spray 300 mu of land every day, which is more than ten mu of land per day. But is it really safer for UAVs to spray pesticides? The answer is yes. There is such a shocking figure that 30,000 people die every year from pesticide poisoning in China. The precondition of high efficiency is safety, while separating man from machine, the danger is also far away.

In 2015, consumer-grade UAVs entered the agricultural market. Many enterprises not only brought advanced technology and abundant funds to the industry, but also attracted Internet talents and capital. Internet thinking upgrades traditional agriculture, making the industry better known, plant protection and flight prevention can sink.

2017 is a year of rapid development of plant protection and flight control in China. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, the number of plant protection UAVs in China has reached 11,000. Pest control operations have been carried out on rice, wheat, maize, cotton, sugarcane, peanut, fruit trees and other crops, and the actual results have proved that they can control diseases and insect pests. Reaching the practical level, it is in the stage of rapid development.

With the development of economy, China and many other countries in Asia, such as Japan, are facing the severe situation of population aging and population shrinkage. The trend of agricultural labor shortage will become more and more obvious in the future. Planting protection UAV sprays farmers. Because of its safety, high efficiency and good effect, medicine is bound to become the main force of future agriculture. We look forward to the day when science and technology will be applied to agriculture in an all-round way.

Plant Protection UAV Is Bound To Become The Main Force Of Future Agriculture

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