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Shortage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hands in Plant Protection

With the gradual implementation of the purchase subsidy for plant protection UAVs, the market of Agriculture UAV Drone in China is expected to grow rapidly. However, along with this, the industry will face a huge gap in UAV pilots.

Recently, Chongqing, Jiangxi and other regions responded to the call of the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out the pilot plant protection UAV subsidy program, have introduced subsidy schemes, the purchase subsidy for single aircraft as high as 17-29 million yuan. With the development of purchasing subsidies, the market of plant protection UAV in China will go up to a new level, followed by a huge gap of plant protection UAV pilots.

When it comes to UAV pilots, many people first think of high salaries, good prospects and lack of market. In addition, various online training institutions use the Internet media to publicize it. They leave the impression that there is a shortage of pilots and a huge potential market. A UAV licence exam can bring high salaries and enviable jobs.

Admittedly, there is a huge gap in the demand for plant protection UAV pilots, and the monthly income of this profession is indeed as high as 15-20,000 yuan, but this does not mean that the vast number of farmers'friends can easily take this income into their pockets after they go to training classes and study for a certificate.

Shortage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hands in Plant Protection

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