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Proper Operation Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Ridging Film Mulching Machine has the advantages of saving work and time, reducing labor intensity and improving labor efficiency. Farmers do not have the habit of reading the manual when they use it, and they rely on themselves to figure out how to use it, which may cause improper use and damage to the machine.

Today, we will introduce the correct way to use the Ridging Film Mulching Machine:

1、Before use, Ridging Film Mulching Machine should be adjusted according to the width and height of the made borders, to make the border shaping mechanism, to carry out the furrow opener and the film release mechanism, as well as the combing film device, the film pressing wheel and the mulching device, etc. After the adjustment is completed, a trial laying should be carried out, and after the quality requirements are met, the machine should be put into operation.

2、Use to choose the appropriate speed according to the soil conditions. To stop when the ground head is turning, the film should be cut first, then the whole machine should be lifted up, and then turn around and turn. After the turn, right the border row, drop the film mulching machine, while unfold the film by hand, press the film end, then drop the left and right sub beam, insert the pin, make the film pressing wheel press on the edge of the film, then you can continue the operation.

3、During the operation of Ridging Film Mulching Machine, the rotating parts need to be refilled with lubricant once every 30 hours of work. The rotating parts such as suppression wheel should be filled with grease once per shift.

4、During transportation, if the road is uneven, the whole machine should be raised to prevent damage to the machine parts. After the operation, remove the mud and debris on the machine in time, and the working parts should be painted with anti-rust paint and put into the storage room for preservation as much as possible.

Proper Operation Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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