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Organizational Composition Of Well Drilling Rig

Posted :2023/5/6 8:10:00      Tags:Well Drilling RigWell Drilling Rigs

1. Well Drilling Rig hydraulic oil pump: It is a duplex type, with a large displacement pump providing power for the power head, and a small displacement pump providing power for the four leg cylinders, landing mast cylinders, and afterburner/lifting pulley cylinders.

2. The four legs of the Well Drilling Rig: The small drilling equipment consists of a hydraulic cylinder and a fixed frame. The levelness of the body can be adjusted at the work site to support and stabilize the body.

Organizational Composition Of Well Drilling Rig

3. Well Drilling Rig Mast: A frame structure composed of giant steel pipes, channel steel, and angle steel welded together, with the inner grooves of the channel steel on both sides as the power head to move up and down the track, ensuring the verticality of the drilling. The lifting and lowering of the drilling mast is completed by hydraulic cylinders.

4. Well Drilling Rig power head: adopts a gear reducer mechanism, with a large core shaft in the middle of the low-speed shaft. The upper port of the core shaft can be connected to the rubber hose interface of the concrete pouring equipment for pouring concrete; The lower end of the spindle is connected to the drill pipe and drill bit through a flange. The high-speed shaft is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor.

Organizational Composition Of Well Drilling Rig

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