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Advantages Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester

Posted :2023/4/23 9:20:00      Tags:Farm Corn Combine HarvesterFarm Corn Combine Harvesters

1. The Farm Corn Combine Harvester consumes less power, saving about 40% of power compared to traditional models;

2. The Farm Corn Combine Harvester chops the straw inside the machine, achieving good results;

3. Adopting a vertical combination of roll picking rollers, it has small volume, light weight, good picking effect, and low harvest loss;

4. The hydraulic lifting and tilting grain unloading mechanism of the header is lightweight and practical, with adjustable lifting, greatly facilitating grain unloading and saving unloading time;

5. A large number of chains and belts are used for transmission, replacing traditional gearboxes with chain boxes, simplifying the structure, reducing costs, and facilitating maintenance;

6. Adopt mature components of small four wheeled tractors and three wheeled agricultural vehicles with a large inventory, with abundant supporting resources and maintenance parts resources;

7. The Farm Corn Combine Harvester has a simple, compact structure and convenient maintenance.

Advantages Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester

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