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Farm Corn Combine Harvester Like People,With Well Maintained They Can "Live Longer"

Posted :2023/2/7 16:00:19      Tags:corn harvesterFarm Corn Combine HarvesterHarvester

In recent years, with the popularization of mechanization, small and medium-sized agricultural machinery has gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. At present, most farmers in rural areas use modern agricultural tools such as rotary tillers, farm corn combine harvesters, and crushers. The corn harvest has been completed, and the Farm Corn Combine Harvester, who has worked hard for more than a month, will "rest" and enter a one-year idle period. After the rest, it will continue to "work" next year.

Farm corn combine harvester has complex structure, large one-time investment, short service time and long storage time. Therefore, after the autumn harvest operation, the maintenance and sealing of the harvester should be done in time to ensure the smooth "work" next year

Remove The Farm Corn Combine Harvester Parts And Remove The Sundries

According to the agrotechnical personnel, after the autumn harvest, the dirt, broken straw, grain and other sundries inside and outside the farm corn combine harvester should be cleaned in time, and washed with water for 1-2 times. After drying in the yard, it should be put into the hangar for storage.

Comprehensively Inspect Vulnerable Farm Corn Combine Harvester Parts

The "nice style" of planting crops includes rotary tiller, thresher, farm corn combine harvester and other agricultural machinery. No matter what type of machine it is, it is necessary to comprehensively check the wearing parts on the harvester. The moving blades and fixed blades on the engine and header, the roller pin teeth and other accessories are easily damaged. If excessive wear, deformation and damage are found, repair and replace them.

Also turn on the water drain switch of the engine water tank and the engine body, drain the water in it, keep it dry, drain the fuel in the tank, inject a proper amount of clean oil into the cylinder, and turn the crankshaft for several turns to clean it. Then apply oil or grease to the rotating bearing, adjusting bolt and clutch of each component to prevent corrosion; Exposed parts with worn or rusted paint shall be painted again after rust removal.

Cover The Film And Put Farm Corn Combine Harvester Indoors

The oiling and cleaning of the oil. After these things are done, the farm corn combine harvester must be moved indoors for storage. Do not put it outdoors or in the rain.

Sealing Farm Corn Combine Harvester Are Often Seen

Agrotechnical personnel also reminded farmers to store storage batteries separately. After the battery is fully charged, pour out the electrolyte, replace it with distilled water, park it for 6 hours, recharge it for 4 hours, replace it with distilled water, recharge it for 2 hours, then pour out distilled water, and fill it with fresh distilled water, and then store it for a long time. Pay attention to heat preservation and antifreeze in winter; You can also completely discharge the battery, pour out the electrolyte and rinse it with distilled water for several times until the water is free of acid, pour out the distilled water, dry it, tighten the hole cover, seal the vent hole, and then store it for a long time.

In addition, after sealing the farm corn combine harvester, use the hand crank to turn the engine crankshaft more than twice a month, inject a small amount of clean oil into the cylinder, and move the hydraulic lifting handle back and forth for 10-20 times to maintain flexibility. Every month, he should check and wipe the dust on the machine, and oil it at intervals

Farm Corn Combine Harvester Like People,With Well Maintained They Can

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