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How To Dispense Medicine With Agriculture UAV Drone?

Posted :2023/1/14 16:15:34      Tags:Agriculture UAV Drone

With the further expansion of modern agricultural planting area, we need the corresponding cooperation of machine guns to ensure the further improvement of the use value of our spraying Agriculture UAV Drone. When we carry out the spraying, we should select the appropriate pesticides for our parts, and should also achieve reasonable preparation. Only in this way can we reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests, so how should we dispense drugs?

How to dispense medicine with an Agriculture UAV Drone?

First of all, we should have a reasonable grasp of the temperature of the injection, and make a reasonable choice of the temperature. How much is the appropriate temperature when choosing the temperature of the injection? Wheat herbicide is better than 10 ℃, and corn herbicide is better than 30 ℃. The temperature of different Agriculture UAV Drone is different.

For different Agriculture UAV Drone, we should choose the pesticide products that are suitable for ourselves. Because the emulsifiable oil pesticide has strong penetration and the suspension agent is more stable, so it is more durable to choose this drug.

The temperature of medication in a day should also be reasonably controlled. The use of a medicated UAV should be reasonably divided according to its use time. Aphids, which can migrate, should be used in the morning and evening according to its work and rest time. If its flight ability is poor in the morning and evening, it should be used in the morning and evening.

These are the reasonable choices for the use of the Agriculture UAV Drone to ensure the reasonable cooperation between our UAV and pesticides.

How To Dispense Medicine With  Agriculture UAV Drone?

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