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Maintenance Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

Posted :2022/9/19 16:26:40      Tags:Ridging Film Mulching Machinemulching machine

For farmers, ridging film mulching machine are not unfamiliar. The use of mulching film can not only improve ground temperature, water retention, soil conservation, fertilizer conservation and fertilizer efficiency, but also weed control, disease and insect prevention, drought and waterlogging prevention, salt suppression and seedling protection. The light and heat conditions near the ground make the product hygienic and clean, and many other functions. So, do you know how to maintain the ridging film mulching machine, let's take a look

1. Before using the ridging film mulching machine

Fix the relevant connecting parts on the supporting machinery. Carry out trial operation, find problems and deal with them in time.

2. Use ridging film mulching machine. 

Manpower and human and animal power mulching machine: do a good job in cleaning the weeds and adding yellow (machine) oil to the rotating parts of the mulching support. Laminating machine for furrowing: In addition to adding yellow (machine) oil to ensure flexible rotation of the laminating parts, attention should be paid to the angle of the soil-lifting disc and the soil-scraping shaper, and should be adjusted in time when it is not suitable. Rotary tillage mulching machine: add yellow (machine) oil in time; check the stability of the mulching film support; check whether the soil angle and rotary blade of the rotary tiller are dull and loose; check and remove impurities in the herbicide nozzle to ensure that Normal and valid. Sowing mulching machine or mulching planter: check whether the seeding quality of the seeding machine and the angle of the sowing person are normal, and whether the seeding is uniform and reliable; add yellow (machine) oil in time to ensure the normal operation of all rotating parts; check and fasten all connections part.

3. After using the ridging film mulching machine

Remove weeds and dirt from implements. Remove the laminator and other working accessories. Apply anti-rust paint or butter after derusting the submerged parts. Remove the rotating parts and apply butter or oil after cleaning. After the cleaned parts are reassembled, they are placed in a ventilated, dry and protected warehouse for use in the next season.

Maintenance Of Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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