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How To Choose The Construction Site Of Water Well Drilling Rig

Posted :2022/9/16 17:13:19      Tags:Well Drilling Rig

Recently, many friends have asked me what principles should be followed for the selection of construction sections of water well drilling rigs. The following will summarize them for you.

For the construction of water well drilling rigs, if you want to make the process of drilling a well smoother, it is very important to choose a suitable location, which fundamentally determines the efficiency of drilling a well. Choose a site for drilling wells.

The place where the well drilling rig chooses to dig wells should try to avoid choosing the suburbs or smaller towns or villages, because the sewage or drainage facilities in these places are not sound enough, so it is easy to pollute the water quality of the wells. In addition, in some suburbs or villages, there will be some farmland or vegetable fields, and today's crops need to be applied with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, if these pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not easily decomposed in the land, they will seep into the groundwater with the water source, so when we drill wells Keep as far away from contaminated areas as possible. If there are farmland or vegetable fields around, and the water well drilling rig cannot avoid it, it is recommended to drill the well deeper and do anti-seepage treatment around it. You can use hollow cement cylinders to form isolation methods, etc.

In addition, the water well drilling rig must pay attention to avoiding rocks in the area where the water well drilling rig chooses to drill, because the underground situation is complex and changeable. The shallow underground stratum (within a few kilometers) is layered, and there may also be folded fractures and basement uplifts. For special geological phenomena such as depressions, if it is not a fixed location, it is difficult to use the underground situation of a certain area to explain the underground geological situation of a specific location.

How To Choose The Construction Site Of Water Well Drilling Rig

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