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Ridging Film Mulching Machine Selection Guide

Posted :2022/8/26 17:05:42      Tags:Ridging Film Mulching Machinemulching film machine

The selection of plastic ridging film mulching machine should focus on adjusting measures to local conditions, and selecting models suitable for local conditions and requirements to facilitate the promotion of this technology.

The Principles Of Choosing A Ridging Film Mulching Machine Are As Follows:

1. Selecting the type of crops, the distance between the borders and the width of the mulching film according to the types of crops and cultivation methods are the primary conditions that should be considered when choosing the type of ridging film mulching machine.

If it is only used for one crop, only the model suitable for the cultivation characteristics of this crop should be considered; if it is used for more than two crops, the adaptability of the machine should be considered. When it is used for vegetable mulching cultivation, it should choose a model that can perform film laying operations on high borders; when it is used for peanut ground tapir mulching, it should choose a model that can operate on small high borders. If the film is laid immediately after sowing, the combined operation model can be used; the film is first laid, and after the ground temperature rises, the sowing or transplanting is often not universal, and it can only be used after modification, and the segmented operation model can be used. In addition, attention should also be paid to the convenience of operation and adjustment of equipment, whether there are devices for fertilizing and spraying herbicides, so as to adapt to the user's operating ability and local agronomic requirements.

2. According to the working area, terrain conditions, surrounding environment and natural conditions

If the working area is large and the headland turning area is larger, you can choose the model of tractor pulling with a medium or larger size; if the working area is small and the headland turning area is small, you can choose the hand-walking tractor, animal power or manpower pulling model. On the hillside, the model with light structure and easy to move should be selected; in the orchard, the model that can drill and turn flexibly should be selected; in the area with strong wind during the operation season, the model with strong wind resistance should be selected. For sandy soil and sandy loam areas, models with disc openers and soil mulchers can be selected; for loam and clay soils, models with plowshare openers and soil mulchers should be selected.

3. According to the scale of production and operation and the scope of economic accounting (such as state-owned farms, agricultural machinery service stations, professional contractors, etc.)

The difference in the scale of production and operation and the scope of economic accounting is an important factor for the selection of models. State-owned farms have a large land area, and the planting of the same crop is relatively concentrated, which is convenient for large machinery operations, so they can choose a combined operation model pulled by large tractors; while professional contractors can choose to use small tractors or small tractors due to financial constraints and small business scale. People and livestock traction models, if you choose a large tractor towing models, it will often result in twice the result with half the effort.

4, according to the use of power conditions to choose

What kind of power conditions are available in this area, what kind of ridging film mulching machine models should be selected. There are several models that are also pulled by walking tractors. Due to the different forms of traction power, they are often not universal, and must be modified to use other power to pull.

5. According to the maturity of the ridging film mulching machine model, whether it has been identified, whether it has undergone performance adaptability tests and use reliability (durability) tests locally

This principle is often overlooked by selectors. The maturity of the model means the size of the adaptability of the model. If the soil quality in this area is heavy clay soil, you must not rashly choose a model for use on sandy soil, otherwise, not only will you not be able to obtain good working quality, but also will not achieve the purpose of mulching cultivation.

Ridging Film Mulching Machine Selection Guide

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