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Teach You How To Predict The Occurrence Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester Failure

Posted :2022/7/20 16:57:53      Tags:corn harvesterFarm Corn Combine Harvester

If the Farm Corn Combine Harvester breaks down while driving, it will often cause serious and vicious accidents. If the farm machinery operator can repair the Farm Corn Combine Harvester before serious failure occurs, and eliminate the problem in the bud, it can prevent the continuous expansion of the failure and avoid greater losses, which is of great practical significance for improving the economic benefits of agricultural machinery households. significance. What abnormal performance did the Farm Corn Combine Harvester have before failure? Let's take a look

Abnormal Working Conditions

The common sudden changes in the working conditions of the Farm Corn Combine Harvester are: the engine is suddenly turned off and then it is difficult to start, or even unable to start; the traction force of the engine is suddenly reduced during driving, and the driving is weak; the braking suddenly fails or deviates during driving, or even fails; the steering wheel and The front wheel is shaking or even out of control; the head swing is serious; the vibration is violent; the brake is not working; the clutch is slipping; the generator does not generate electricity, etc. When the working condition of the Farm Corn Combine Harvester suddenly changes, the symptoms are obvious, and it is easy to find that once the working condition of the corn harvester is suddenly changed, it should be stopped immediately, and the operation can be continued after identifying the fault and eliminating the fault.

Instrument Abnormality

The signals indicated by the various meters on the Farm Corn Combine Harvester can help the farmer detect new faults in the small corn harvester in time. For example, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge and barometric pressure gauge are used to indicate the working conditions of the corn harvester related systems. If the indicated readings are abnormal, it means that the Farm Corn Combine Harvester is faulty, and the location should be selected immediately.

Abnormal Sound

The abnormal sound of the Farm Corn Combine Harvester during driving is the "alarm" for the failure of the corn harvester. For example, a bee's "humming" sound may be a bearing failure, or a tire problem, or a part or a fixed bracket at the bottom of the engine is loose; the loud "bang-bang" is usually caused by the exhaust. The gas pipe or muffler is broken, causing the explosion and combustion sound of the engine to be unable to be eliminated; the "click" sound may be caused by damage to the universal joint of the drive shaft, or the fan blade may be bent and loose, or it may be when running on a mountain road ,Because there are small stones between the tires hitting the tires; the sharp sound of "chirp" may be caused by belt wear or improper adjustment of the gap, resulting in the sound of friction between the belt and the belt disc, or it may be caused by the deterioration of the cylinder seal; "Howling" sound, which may be loose or worn fan belt or insufficient tire pressure; dull "knock" sound, usually caused by aging diesel engine, bearing or engine valve [damage]; "knock" accompanied by "explosion" "Beep" sound, the use of inferior diesel; harsh "squeal" sound, generally there is a problem with the brakes or the belt is loose.

Abnormal Smoke Color

When the Farm Corn Combine Harvester is working normally, the engine exhaust smoke should be colorless with a hint of gray. If there is black smoke, blue smoke and white smoke, it means that the diesel engine of the Farm Corn Combine Harvester is faulty. Usually the reasons for the black smoke of the diesel engine are: the engine load is too large; the fuel injection pump is too large.

Teach You How To Predict The Occurrence Of Farm Corn Combine Harvester Failure

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