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Why Use A Ridging Film Mulching Machine

There are two types of Ridging Film Mulching Machine: manual mulching machines and mechanical power mulching machines. It is generally composed of opener, lamination wheel, soil cover, frame and so on. Some are also equipped with electric sprayer devices to spray herbicides, insecticides and other pesticides when the film is covered.

Mulch film can not only improve ground temperature, water, soil, and fertilizer to improve fertilizer efficiency, but also has many functions such as weed control, disease and insect prevention, drought and waterlogging resistance, salt suppression and seedling protection, improvement of near-ground light and heat conditions, and hygienic and clean products. . For newly unearthed seedlings, it has the effect of mulching and promoting growth.

The Ridging Film Mulching Machine is a rear-mounted type, and it is connected with a four-wheel tractor by a three-point suspension mechanism. Before the film laying machine starts to work, first start the DC motor of the double-roller film-drawing mechanism, and the operator sends the film into the double-roller mechanism, and the double-roller mechanism pulls out enough film.

Why Use A Ridging Film Mulching Machine

After the Ridging Film Mulching Machine starts to lay the film, the positive “eight” ploughing plows the soil, pulls out the film and pulls it away with the forward power of the tractor, and the middle soil throwing and film pressing device rotates with the forward power of the tractor, and presses the film to cover the soil, and the soil cover is round. The disc realizes compaction on both sides of the film.

After the single-pass operation of the Ridging Film Mulching Machine is completed, the linear motor is started to drive the saw blade to achieve linear motion and cut the film. After the film is cut, the saw blade automatically returns, and the DC motor of the double-roller mechanism is turned off at the same time. At the beginning of a new stroke, the film is still between the two rollers. After starting its DC motor, there is no need for personnel to feed the film into the two-roller mechanism, and other actions can be repeated to successfully complete the film laying. The double-roller film pulling mechanism driven by DC motor and the film cutting device driven by linear motor are adopted.

Why Use A Ridging Film Mulching Machine

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