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What Are The Structural Characteristics Of The Ridging Film Mulching Machine?

Posted :2022/6/25 17:04:41      Tags:Ridging Film Mulching Machinemulching film machine

The Ridging Film Mulching Machine is composed of independent planting single groups, each single group is driven by its ground wheel, so it can be used with tractors of different sizes to form a transplanter with 2 to 6 rows, which has the characteristics of building blocks.

The Ridging Film Mulching Machine uses a rotary cup feeder. The feeder consists of several feeding cups, and the diameter of the feeding cups corresponds to the size of the seedling bowl. There is a valve under each feeding cup. The opening and closing of the valve is controlled by a cam mechanism. When the feeding cup turns to the top of the seedling guide tube, it opens, allowing the seedlings to fall, and then closes. In the time period when the feeding cup is closed, the seedlings can be fed, so the time of artificial seedling feeding is prolonged, and rapid and continuous seedling feeding operations can be carried out. The frequency of artificial seedlings is limited because the frequency of artificial seedlings is limited. For the rotary cup feeder, the limit is 70 plants/min. If the limit is exceeded, the operator will feel nervous and the phenomenon of missing planting will occur.

After the seedlings fall from the seedling guide pipe of the Ridging Film Mulching Machine, they pass through the channel formed by the support bar and fall into the seedling ditch opened by the opener. When it is dumped in any direction and is in an upright state, when the opener moves forward, the soil returning from the tail of the opener first covers the roots of the seedlings with soil to form the first covering soil, and the seedlings are also buried at this time. In the soil, while the machine moves forward, the V-shaped pressing wheel pushes the soil on the ditch wall downward to form the second covering soil and compact the soil, and at this time, one side of the seedling support bar is upward relative to the seedlings Movement, while continuing to play a role in supporting the seedlings to prevent the seedlings from being overwhelmed or buried by the soil during the compaction process. , the seedling planting process also ended. Due to the use of a grid-type seedling supporter, the erectness of the planted seedlings and the stability of the planting quality are greatly improved.

The function of the seedling guide pipe of the Ridging Film Mulching Machine is to transport the seedlings to the bottom of the trench. Since the movement of the seedlings in the seedling guide tube is not mandatory, it is different from the mandatory seedling feeding method of the clamp-type transplanter, so it is not easy to damage the seedlings.

What Are The Structural Characteristics Of The Ridging Film Mulching Machine?

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