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Development Of Down-The-Hole Water Well Drilling Rigs

Posted :2022/6/20 17:24:55      Tags:Well Drilling Rigwater well drill rigwater drilling

The domestic down-the-hole water well drilling rig was first produced in the Xuanhua area of Hebei in the 1950s. Through the continuous investment of the country and its own development, the performance and technical content of the drilling rig have been greatly improved, and a good reputation has been established in the international market. After the 1980s, the United States and Sweden The world's top 500 companies from other countries have come to Xuanhua to invest in factories or joint ventures. Its products and production technology are used for scientific research and teaching as the content of university textbooks. Therefore, the pronoun of DTH drilling rig in China is also called "Xuanhua drilling rig". After the 1990s, an equipment production base has been formed in Xuanhua, Hebei. Some companies mainly develop and produce the latest, high-performance, low-consumption, open-air drilling machines of various types, and accessories are available at the same time.

Water well drilling rig products are widely used in large, medium and small mines, hydropower, transportation and other earthwork excavation and blasting projects, and can also be used for underwater rock perforation and blasting such as ports and waterways. Strong technical force, advanced technology, strong manufacturing capabilities and first-class In the development of new products, it has the advantages of professional and technical personnel, and has cooperated with scientific research institutions for many years to develop a new type of hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rig, which has been well received by users.

1997 Auxiliary action walking, lifting, slewing and positioning full hydraulic surface DTH drilling rig. Obtained a national patent, which has driven the rapid development of domestic fully hydraulic surface DTH drilling rigs. The newly developed DTH hydraulic integration and full hydraulic rock drilling machine. It is a general design that integrates the design of water well drilling rig and air compressor, and highlights the characteristics of economy and high performance.

DFYZ300 fully hydraulic integrated rock and water well drilling rig, the biggest feature is that all actions are hydraulic, which can be disconnected from the pneumatic link of traditional drilling rigs to achieve completely independent operation, which is a perfect combination of low consumption and high efficiency. DFYQ3000 hydraulic down-the-hole integrated machine is a hydraulic integrated machine with low energy consumption and high efficiency. The integrated design, the perfect combination of the air compressor and the drilling rig, realizes independent operation; the energy is fully utilized.

The national production base of DTH well drilling rigs is Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. Now there are nearly 300 manufacturers of DTH drilling rigs, with an annual output value of 1.3 billion, providing tens of thousands of local employees. Small and medium-sized enterprises are catching up one after another, and they are among the best in terms of new product research and development, product output, production efficiency and safety, and 5S management.

Development Of Down-The-Hole Water Well Drilling Rigs

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