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How To Realize The Movement Of Agriculture UAV Drone In All Directions?

Posted :2022/5/23 16:37:34      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneplant protection drone

Agriculture uav drone are mainly used for pesticide spraying. How to make agricultural drones move in all directions during the spraying process? Let's follow the agricultural drone manufacturers to find out:

The agriculture UAV drone changes the propeller speed by adjusting the speed of multiple motors, realizes the change of lift force, and realizes the movement in four directions, namely: vertical, pitch, roll and yaw, so as to achieve the purpose of flight attitude control.

Vertical movement: By adjusting the rotation speed of the four motors, an upward lift force is generated at the same time. When the lift force is greater than the gravity of the agriculture UAV drone itself, the agricultural drone can achieve the upward movement, and vice versa; when the lift is equal to the agriculture UAV drone When the body's gravity is higher, the agricultural drone is in a hovering state.

How To Realize The Movement Of Agriculture UAV Drone In All Directions?

Pitch and roll motion: By adjusting the speed of the front and rear motors, the agriculture UAV drone is tilted forward, and the generated down-pressure airflow is at a certain angle to the ground. At this time, the agricultural drone not only generates lift to offset gravity, but also provides a part of The thrust in the backward direction, the resulting reaction force pushes the agricultural drone to fly forward. Similarly, the roll flight also only needs to make corresponding adjustments to the attitude of the agriculture UAV drone.

Yaw motion: during the rotation of the rotor, due to the effect of air resistance, a counter torque opposite to the rotation direction will be formed. In order to overcome the influence of the counter torque, two of the four rotors can be rotated forward and two reversed, and the diagonal Each rotor rotates in the same direction. When yaw motion is required, the agricultural drone generates clockwise/counterclockwise counter-torque by adjusting the motor speed of the same steering on two pairs of diagonals, and then the fuselage will wind around the fuselage under the action of the surplus counter-torque. The center of gravity rotates clockwise/counterclockwise to realize the yaw motion of the agricultural drone.

The above is a brief introduction of agriculture UAV drone manufacturers for you. If you encounter any problems when using agricultural drones, you can call us to consult us. You are welcome to inquire!

How To Realize The Movement Of Agriculture UAV Drone In All Directions?

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