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How To Maintain The Battery Of Agriculture UAV Drone

Posted :2022/4/22 15:06:34      Tags:Agriculture UAV Droneplant protection drone

The battery is the power for the Agriculture UAV Drone. Without the battery, the drone cannot work. So do you know how to maintain the battery of the agriculture UAV drone? Let's follow the agricultural drone manufacturers to find out:

1. Use the original charger.

The special charger for agriculture UAV drone has charging and maintenance functions, and has multiple charging protections such as overvoltage, overcharge, and overcurrent. It is simple to operate, integrated design, and easy to transition.

2. Accurately set the number of battery cells in the battery pack.

For the first few minutes of charging you have to look closely at the charger's display, which shows the number of cells in the battery pack. If you don't know, you shouldn't charge or use a charger you're familiar with.

How To Maintain The Battery Of Agriculture UAV Drone

3. Check the battery cell voltage.

Charge a new lithium battery pack for the first time, check the voltage of each battery cell in the battery pack, and do the same every 10 times of charging and discharging after that. Doing this is absolutely necessary, a battery pack with unbalanced voltages will still burst when the correct number of cells are chosen to charge. If the voltage difference of the battery cells in the humanoid battery pack of the agriculture UAV drone exceeds 0.03 volts, the maintenance button of the special charger for agricultural drones should be turned on for maintenance and charging (other chargers without maintenance functions should be recharged with a small current to make up for it) Voltage difference). If the voltage difference of the battery cells exceeds 0.1V after each discharge, it means that your battery has been damaged and should be used carefully or replaced in time.

4. Do not charge when left unattended.

When charging, it must be charged according to the specified charging C number or lower C number of the battery, and the specified charging current cannot be exceeded.
Batteries are more afraid of bumps and friction, and bumps during transportation may cause a short circuit in the external balance line of the battery, which will directly cause the battery to catch fire or explode. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the short circuit caused by the conductive material touching the positive and negative electrodes of the battery at the same time.
During the transportation of agriculture UAV drone, the best way is to put the battery in a separate ziplock bag and put it in an explosion-proof box. Some pesticide adjuvants are flammable adjuvants, so pesticides and batteries should be placed separately.

How To Maintain The Battery Of Agriculture UAV Drone

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