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What Are The Differences Between Agriculture UAV Drone And Aviation Models?

Posted :2022/3/26 16:25:46      Tags:Agriculture UAV DroneUAV DroneUav

The concept of agriculture uav drone is well understood. As the name suggests, it is an unmanned aircraft, and an aviation model is a general term for various aircraft models, mainly including model aircraft and other model aircraft. But many people do not understand the difference between the two. The following drone manufacturers will tell you the differences between agriculture uav drone and aviation models.

1. Different structure
Agriculture uav drone are more complex than aviation models. The aviation model consists of a flight platform, a power system, and a remote control system within the line of sight. Mainly for the public's viewing, the pursuit is the appearance of authenticity or flight elegance, etc., the technology content is not high. The UAV system is composed of flight platform, power system, flight control and navigation system, link system, mission system, ground station, etc. Mainly to complete a specific task, the pursuit is the ability of the system to complete the task, and the technology content is high. Some high-end aviation models and low-end UAVs are not much different in flight platforms and power systems.

2. Different flight modes
The difference is whether there is a navigation flight control system and whether it can achieve autonomous flight. In layman's terms, agriculture uav drone can fly autonomously, while model aircraft cannot, and must be controlled by a human through a remote control. That is to say, the drone itself is flying with a "brain", and the "brain" may be limited by artificial intelligence, and there is no human brain. But the "brain" of the model aircraft is always on the ground, in the hands of the operator.

What Are The Differences Between Agriculture UAV Drone And Aviation Models?

3. Use different
Agriculture uav drone often perform over-the-horizon missions, with a larger mission radius of tens of thousands of kilometers. It flies autonomously through the onboard navigation and flight control system. Upload control instructions and download task information through the link system. The model aircraft usually flies within the visual line of sight, and the control radius is less than 800 meters. The operator looks at the aircraft and controls the aircraft through the remote control transmitter in his hand. Generally, there is no mission equipment on the aircraft. Many unmanned aerial systems also have capabilities similar to model aircraft, which can be directly operated remotely within the line of sight.

4. Different management
In my country, the aviation model is managed by the Aviation Sports Management Center under the State Sports Commission. In my country, civil drones are under the unified management of the Civil Aviation Administration, and military drones are under the unified management of the military.

5. Different definitions
Agriculture uav drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle controlled by radio remote control equipment or its own program control device. An aviation model is a heavier-than-air, size-restricted aircraft with or without a power unit that cannot carry people. It is called an aviation model.

6. Different uses
Agriculture uav drone are more inclined to civilian special purposes, while aviation models are closer to toys. UAV specializes in the design, production, sales of aerial survey UAV equipment, and aerial survey and aerial photography services, with low cost, strong technology, short construction period and high precision

The difference between the agriculture uav drone and the aviation model is introduced here. I hope our introduction can help you. If you need to buy a plant protection drone, you can contact our company by phone. The noise of the plant protection drone produced by our company Small, high power, high reliability, rest assured to use!

What Are The Differences Between Agriculture UAV Drone And Aviation Models?

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