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How To Maintain A Water Well Drilling Rig?

Posted :2022/3/12 16:10:10      Tags:Well Drilling Rigwater well drill rigwater drilling

Our company is an industrial company dedicated to the production of water well drilling rig. The excellent quality is embraced and trusted by our customers and has put us at the forefront of this industry. Today we are talking about the maintenance of water well drilling rigs to give more people a general idea of what to expect.

Water well drilling rig are used by our company for complex strata such as soil, rock, pebble gravel and colluvial pebble layers, and are widely used in water conservancy construction, farmland projects and other foundation drilling equipment. No matter what equipment is used, it needs to be paid attention to when it is used in order to improve the productivity and extend the service life. The following are the professional and technical personnel of our company to explain how to do the maintenance and repair work of the water well drilling rig.

1. Always check the water and gas pipelines, and whether the bolts and nuts of the drilling rig's accessories are firm.

2. Check the lubricating oil condition of the wind motor at all times

3. When the working surface of the water well drilling rig is submerged in water, use a large diameter drill bit to open the hole and insert the drill pipe so that it is exposed to the water surface for 1-2 metres to prevent mud and rock slag from falling into the hole.

4. Do not allow the water well drilling rig to reversely rotate during drilling operations to prevent the drill pipe from falling into the hole.

5. When the water well drilling rig is stopped for a short period of time, a small amount of pressure should be given to avoid the intrusion of mud and sand into the interior of the rig's impactor, and if the rig is stopped for a long time, the impactor should be lifted 1-2 metres from the bottom of the hole for fixing

6. Pay attention to the sound of the impactor and the operation of the gearbox when the water well drilling rig is in operation, and stop the rig immediately if you find any abnormal sound or phenomenon and check it in time.

7. When adding new drill pipes, pay attention to the cleanliness of the borehole to avoid mud and sand from being mixed with the drill's impactor and damaging the drill's parts.

8. At the end of each work shift, clean up the dirt on the surface of the drilling rig in a timely manner, and forbid any major dismantling or unloading at the work surface except for normal handling.

9. Use grease to lubricate the drill pipe joints and reducers of water well drilling rigs.

10. Clean the outer surface of the water well drilling rig and pay attention to the cleanliness and good lubrication of the surfaces of the rig base chute and vertical shaft

11. Require lubricating oil or grease

12. check the oil level of the gearbox, distributor box and hydraulic system oil tank

13. Remove the chuck and clean the chuck and chuck seat. If damaged, replace in time

14. clean the filter in the oil tank and replace any deteriorated or dirty hydraulic oil

15. Check the integrity of the main parts of the water well drilling rig and replace them in time if they are damaged.

16. If the water well drilling rig is not used for a long time, all exposed parts (especially the machining surface) should be lubricated with grease

How To Maintain A Water Well Drilling Rig?

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